A Case of Spinal Ataxia without Loss of Sensation and with Increased Patellar-Tendon Reflex; A Contribution to the Study of Spinal Ataxy

1885 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Whether in the present case there is injury to the membranes of the brain itself is, in my opinion, doubtful, although there are certain symptoms which might appear to point in this direction. In conclusion, let me state distinctly that the diagnosis arrived at here is only intended to be provisional. In regard to the connection of traumatism with progressive muscular atrophy, there is no lack of cases reported in which injury to the muscles or nerves of the body, shoulders, back or
more » ... back or extremities, and even of the face, has been followed by atrophy of a more or less progressivev character. This is rarer, however, where we have grounds for belief that the original lesion yvas situated within the cranium or spinal canal. Rosenthal reports a case following a fall from a roof, in which he thinks that the concussion produced lesions of the cord. Valentiner and Bergmann each report a case of progressive muscular atrophy following a fall oil the back. One of Clarke's cases followed a blow on the sacrum. In regard to the cases of Hammond (two), and Russell-Reynolds (one), said to have been of traumatic origin, I have been able to find no details, while those of Leyden and Jacobi seem very doubtful. The only case that I have found in which sufficient proof was given of the connection between the injury and the disease is that of Gull related above. REFERENCES.
doi:10.1056/nejm188510151131603 fatcat:cbbs7meicjam5fdzpaksqzfq4u