Three-Dimensional Analysis of Complex Rock Slope Stability Affected by Fault and Weak Layer Based on FESRM

Yang Li, Ling Yu, Weidong Song, Tianhong Yang
2019 Advances in Civil Engineering  
Slope stability analysis is the most important problem in slope engineering design and construction. Open-pit slope often spans several strata, many of which are relatively weak. There may be faults and weak layers across the whole rock. It is very necessary to study the instability mechanism and stability analysis of multistratigraphic slopes with faults and weak layers. In this paper, taking a complex three-dimensional slope with fault and weak layer as the research object, the evolution laws
more » ... the evolution laws of the stress field and damage zone of the slope are analyzed by using the finite element strength reduction method. The results show that the fault and weak layer have different degrees of effect on the slope stability. The fault causes stress concentration and damage to nearby rock mass, and the weak layer causes stress concentration on the slope above it and forms a dangerous slip zone. Then the effect of the fault and weak layer on slope stability is discussed. Because the effect of horizontal structural plane on slope stability is greater than that of the vertical structural plane, the effect of weak layer on slope stability is greater than that of the fault in the slope. The research results can provide a theoretical guidance for the study of slope stability in practical engineering.
doi:10.1155/2019/6380815 fatcat:5r64ykejc5czrh2n2ovsb4yaa4