A study on the literary image of athleticism : Tom Brown's schooldays (1857)
アスレティシズムの文学像に関する一考察 : 『トム・ブラウンの学校生活』(1857)をめぐって

Miho Koishihara
1991 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
The purpose of the present paper is to examine the literary image of athleticism . In this paper, ' ' Tom Brown ' s schoo 且 days " by Thomas Hughes published in 1857 is analyzed . This work may be regarded as educational literature written With didactic intent . This intent of the novelist must be considered in relation to the structure of his novel . By con ntrating on the ooncepts of ' ' manliness " in this work , the main findi s are summarized as follows :
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003391771 fatcat:qzx43vzn2jdnlf6cmstzxpn7py