Myometrium and Sigmoid Colon Metastatic Melanoma Simulating a Ewing Tumor: A Case Report

Adjoby Cassou Roland, Kouame Arthur Didier, Alla Christian, Effoh N'Drin Denis, Konan Joachim, Aloui Adil, Andriamindimbison N. Zoly, Ahounkeng Patrick, Birembaut Philippe, Abboud Pascal
2017 Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Malignant melanomas or lymphoma of the skin are malignant tumors of the skin and/or the mucous membranes whose uterine metastases are rare. The secondary uterine localizations, although rare, must be evoked in front of a pelvic tumoral syndrome, or diffuse metastases and a personal past history of melanoma, even after a long time of remission. In our observation, the evolution of the tumor in the pelvis extended to the muscular structures of the uterus and the sigmoid colon of a 72 year old
more » ... f a 72 year old patient, what made it an exceptional case. The diagnosis of these secondary localizations is a diagnosis of elimination, almost always post-operative, made on the histopathological and immunocytochemical study of the surgical specimen, supported by cytogenetics, even molecular biology. The treatment is based on chemotherapy.
doi:10.4236/ojog.2017.78090 fatcat:hc4b5bx2gnajvb2jmmlen3rmea