Software Reuse in Organizations: A Survey in Moroccan Software Industry Context

Siham Younoussi, Ikram el Rhaffari, Mohamed Amoud, Ounsa Roudies
2019 Journal of Software  
A good software reuse process, contributes towards accelerating time to market of software products and reducing costs and efforts. Research raised that the adoption of software reuse is becoming a necessity for organizations to compete against others and stand out amongst them. Thereby many organizations try to invest in software reuse by identifying best reuse techniques, methods, and practices. This paper presents a complete survey method with findings backed up with statistics. The goal is
more » ... stics. The goal is to evaluate in practice the adoption of techniques, methods and practices proposed by academics, and highlight the motivations as well as the difficulties to implement a successful reuse program by different types of organizations in Morocco. A descriptive survey of 84 software participants with different backgrounds (software managers, analysts, engineers and software developers) has been conducted, in order to identify the current state of software reuse in practice inside the Moroccan software industry. A complete survey method is presented, including the process, data collection, and analysis phases, as well as a discussion on the study's validity...The survey consisted of 28 questions, grouped into 4 sections and backed up our findings with statistics. A discussion was also given based on the comparison of the survey results with related literature and presented the main of our finding. It has been shown through statistics that even if most of organizations are aware of the strengths and benefits of software reuse, they don't consider reuse as part of the company's culture, and most of them didn't implement efficient software reuse programs and not apply the most effective reuse strategies, methods and practices. The survey goal was to capture how organizations practice software reuse, their motivations, the difficulties they face and the frequency of this reuse in a practical context. We based our survey on the conceptual model, on existing established and documented surveys [7, 11, 15] . Journal of Software 155
doi:10.17706/jsw.14.4.153-167 fatcat:nijolaxh6zaovaj3jeujxmwok4