Coronavirus Disease 2019 is Threatening Stroke Care Systems: Challenge and Management [post]

Jiawei Xin, Xuanyu Huang, Changyun Liu, Yun Huang
2020 unpublished
Background Since the onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the stroke care systems have been seriously affected because of social restrictions and other reasons. As the pandemic spreads further to global, it is of great significant to understand how COVID-19 affect the stroke care systems. Methods We retrospectively studied the real-world data of one comprehensive stroke center in China from January to February, 2020, and compared it with the same period in 2019. We
more » ... in 2019. We analyzed time from stroke onset to admission, severity, effect after treatment, hospital stays, cost of hospitalization, etc., and correlation among them. Results We observed a great extension of the onset-to-door time of stroke patients during the pandemic. The degree of neurological deficit of the patients was significantly higher, both admission and discharge. Longer onset-to-door time and higher degree of neurological deficit were significantly correlated with longer hospital stays and higher medical burden. Conclusions COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the stroke care systems. Measures must be taken to minimize the collateral damage caused by COVID-19.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:pxgokghklbarzhmazf72gxljrq