P Vijaya, Babu Verma, K Rajeswari, B Chitra
2018 Indian J.Sci.Res   unpublished
It has become the need of the time that the enterprises should become more and more agile and responsive to ever changing customer demands and to cope with the global competition. The nature of the market is unpredictable and diverse. This has lead to emergence of a need for an enterprise to select a competent and suitable ERP system for the existing environment or with minor change in environment. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system deployment is a critical investment for an
more » ... nt for an organization that may significantly affect competitiveness and performance of a company in future, as well as in monitoring the resources. For the purpose, it is vital to select suitable and competitive partners during its development. In the present work, with a target to attain success in implementation of an ERP, a comprehensive ERP system selection framework with pertinent attributes has been addressed to evaluate the selection of an ERP system, keeping in mind that the factors that have been extended due importance in available literature. The methodology based on SWARA (Stepwise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis) technique to evaluate weight of the criteria, integrated with PROMETHEE (Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment of Evaluations) for alternative ranking has been proposed, to produce a framework for selection of an ERP system.