Edifice of vitiDB: A first ever structured portal for vitiligo protein repository and its assessment

Anvita Gupta Malhotra
2017 Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  
vitiDB (http://vitidb.com/index.php) is the fi rst ever structured repository exclusively for vitiligo disorder. This portal brings together valuable but heterogeneous or disparate information available from a spectrum of public domain databases, patents and published literature sources on vitiligo. The aim is to arm the research community with critical details extracted froma reviewed resource of vitiligo genes and proteins. In addition, the database throws light on interectome of proteins and
more » ... their targetability assessment. The current release of vitiDB contains 333 vitiligo disease -associated proteins and nearly 5000 allied proteins. Each entry provides comprehensive data related to the protein like its kinetic, pharmacological and ontological properties. Additionally, this portal provides browsing and extracting information related to vitiligo protein interaction network and its topological properties. vitiDB catalogues 107416 unique interactions among 4845 proteins derived from 8 different databases. Detailed targetability analysis is available at this portaland it includes druggability, assayability, essentiality, vulnerability and secretability analysis for the disease proteins. This user-friendly web interface will help the user to have an informed opinion on disease genes without having to plough through various databases. The additional information in the form of derived data can potentially assist in the drug discovery process. There will be sustained effortsaimed at periodic updation of the core data in the wake of their extension / modifi cation as well as constructive feedback received from the users.
doi:10.21786/bbrc/10.2/3 fatcat:zcbgruwetbgdzkutkvvjeiqfem