Estimated Temperature Error Compensation for Wavelength-Band Conversion of Infrared Image
적외선영상의 파장대역변환을 위한 추정온도 오차 보정

Young-Choon Kim, Sang-Ho Ahn
2014 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
The modern infrared (IR) imaging systems use mainly one or more wavelength bands among short wavelength IR (SWIR), middle wavelength IR (MWIR), and long wavelength IR (LWIR) bands. In the process of IR image synthesis and modeling, IR image wavelength-band conversion which transforms arbitrary band image to other band one is required. The wavelength-band conversion procedure includes a temperature estimation process of an object surface. However, in this procedure, an approximated Planck's
more » ... tion equation causes errors in estimated temperature. In this paper, we propose an estimation temperature error attenuation method in IR image band conversion procedure. The estimated temperature is corrected with a slope information of radiance according to it. The corrected temperature is used for generation of the other band IR image. The verification of proposed method is demonstrated through the simulation.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2014.17.11.1270 fatcat:rxmxhmsmivgenap5stowq4srpa