Images of the Creative Brain

2010 Virtual Mentor  
Creativity is a difficult concept to define. It encompasses many human endeavors, including the arts-painting, sculpting, dance, song, poetry, music, photographyand the sciences-mathematics, physics, cosmology, chemistry, geology, biology, psychology, and so on. It crops up everywhere from small innovations to acts of genius that change the way whole societies live, think, and behave. It is hard to define and harder to capture, yet creativity seems to be an essential part of human culture. Most
more » ... human culture. Most definitions of creativity involve the element of novelty; somehow the result must be a new idea or concept (at least to the creator), generally of great perceived value or difficulty of attainment.
doi:10.1001/virtualmentor.2010.12.11.imhl1-1011 pmid:23186797 fatcat:4ypok2hqwzcgbm2abxvomdbejy