Wintertime Atmospheric Blocking Events over Western Siberia in the Period 2004–2016 and Their Influence on the Surface Temperature Anomalies

Olga Yu. Antokhina, Pavel N. Antokhin, Elena V. Devyatova, Yulia V. Martynova
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
We study wintertime blocking events in 2004-2016 over Western Siberia (WS) and their influence on the surface temperature. The period 2004-2016 is very interesting for study because there has been an increase in the blocking frequency over WS beginning with 2004. We used data ECMWF ERA-Interim and blocking criterion proposed by Tibaldi and Molteni. We investigated blockings events with duration of 5 days or more for winter interval (1 November-31 March). We have chosen 15 blockings events. For
more » ... ckings events. For each event we calculate surface temperature anomaly in the grid points for two sectors 60-90 E; 50-60 N (southern part of WS) and 60-90 E; 60-70 N (northern part of WS). To estimate advective transfer for studied events we analyzed the potential temperature on the dynamical tropopause. We showed that wintertime blocking events over WS lead to the surface temperature increase in the northern part of West Siberia and to the surface temperature decrease in the southern part of WS. This feature apparently due to warm air masses advection from south-west on the western periphery of the blocking ridge and arctic air masses intrusion to the southern part of the WS on the eastern periphery of this ridge.
doi:10.3390/ecas2017-04127 fatcat:darp7i532jgilm3fc7skrmtuz4