Fabrication Of Enhanced Solar Still with Power Generation

Mr.M. Jayaraj, Mr.V.P.Surseh Kumar, Mr.J.Jayasuriyaa Skandhan, Mr.G.Giftson Jebadurai, Mr.M.Ajith Kumar
2017 IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering  
In this project, the process of fabrication of enhanced solar still with power generation was taken down. A solar still distills water using the radiation of the Sun to evaporate the water and then it cools and collects the pure water. The main objective of our project is to purify the saline water into drinking water. Additionally, turbine and dynamo were fixed to generate the electricity and then store it in a battery. This equipment can also be used in home and mineral water industries. This
more » ... er industries. This equipment will play an important role among the human life, as the water is the main source of human being. For this project, the components such as copper tube, aluminum sheet, plywood, gutter, valve, wedge box (solar still), glass plate, battery, PVC pipe, lateral pipe, turbine and dynamo were utilized.
doi:10.9790/1684-1403026266 fatcat:pxh4fv2rv5c23mnfbwkj4oplfe