Sherif Kamel Hussein
2019 Zenodo  
Nowadays the technology is embedded in every utilized application to increase the reliability and minimize the human errors caused by the conventional methods. The traditional methods usually been used in restaurant is by taking the customer's orders and write it down on a piece of paper. Many ordering systems have been proposed in order to solve this issue. In this paper a newly proposed model called Smart Menu is designed basedon the Wi-Fi technology as the communication medium and Peripheral
more » ... dium and Peripheral Interface Controller ( ARM Cortex – m7 processor ) as the hardware which implements faster ordering system. The aim for the smart menu model is to build and design both hardware and software for the ordering and delivering system at restaurants by using TFT LCD connected to the kitchen through WI-Fi technology. Result shows that the hardware and software are successfully functional and able to be used as a smart ordering system. The proposed model is able to handle the lack number of the workers, reduce the lateness and the error on ordering foods by the customers.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2594745 fatcat:o6fcwfkrcbexff5c2ykgxlex2q