Implementation of Morphological Operation through Intercept Based Euclidean Distance Algorithm

Skeletonization is the process of extracting the region-based shape features that represents a common form of original object. It can be employed to binary images thatproduces alternative binary image as the resulting output. The main goal of thinning is to degrade particular foreground pixels from original input image. A pruning focused on removing short spurs present in an image. By Employing morphological operation for the process of extracting skeleton can be used in wide range of
more » ... n. In this paper, we proposed a model which is a robust intercept based Euclidean distance (IBED) algorithm to perform morphological operation to extract the surface of the skeleton from the computed Tomography image. In this edge points of the skeleton have been analyzed over set extraction, hence the characterization has been improved by presenting a novel skeleton with edge points. The index value, edge points, Euclidean distance and fracture length have been calculated. The proposed technique is employed to four men and two women with different fractures in CT scanned image.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.c9051.029420 fatcat:nkeqqvit5nbwxphfm3bfyisseu