The Way to Improve Employees' Job Satisfaction in Korean Social Enterprises: The Moderating Effects of Person-Organization Fit, Person-Job Fit, and Person-Supervisor Fit

Xiu Jin, Sang Woo Hahm
2019 International Journal of Financial Research  
Human resources play a key role in achieving a high level of organizational performance and the importance is still emphasized in our society. Nonetheless, organizations are experiencing negative phenomena such as job exhaustion and turnover. One of the key factors that can reduce these negative factors is seen as job satisfaction. In this regard, this research is an empirical study that it focused on the improvement of job satisfaction among organizational members who work in Korean social
more » ... n Korean social enterprises. In order to improve their job satisfaction, we focused on organizational communication and verified its role and emphasized its importance through its influence on job satisfaction. To improve the effect of organizational communication, we verified the role of person-organizational fit, person-job fit, and person-supervisor fit. These three types of fit were identified as ways to increase the influence of organizational communication on job satisfaction. Therefore, we examined the moderating effect of these three types of fit on the relationship between organizational communication and job satisfaction. The empirical results showed that the higher the three types of fit, the greater the influence of organizational communication on job satisfaction. Furthermore, by comparing the impacts of the three types of fit on job satisfaction, we identified what is the most essential fit. Based on the results of empirical analysis, this research discussed practical implications for improving organizational member's job satisfaction in Korean social enterprises and provides future research plans for the performance of Korean social enterprises.
doi:10.5430/ijfr.v10n5p347 fatcat:l32osrpjozavvda4qpk3jz6gwe