The Effect in Philadelphia of Pennsylvania's Increased Penalties for Rape and Attempted Rape

Barry Schwartz
1968 The Journal of Criminal Law Criminology and Police Science  
Mr. Schwartz is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, working for a Ph.D. in sociology. While concentrating in criminology he has also published in the area of social psychology. He received his Bachelor's degree from Temple University and his Master's from the University of Maryland. In an attempt to evaluate the deterrent effect of Pennsylvania's increased penalties for rape the author subjects annual rape frequencies to regression-discontinuity analysis and also compares
more » ... also compares monthly variation in the seriousness and volume of rape. The analysis shows that neither the excitement leading up to the imposition of stronger penalties nor the actual imposition of such penalties affected the frequency or seriousness of rape in Philadelphia. This paper is a revised version of a paper prepared in a seminar conducted by Professor Thorsten Sellin BACKGROUND
doi:10.2307/1141831 fatcat:lst24wnbjbd4fm5qquqhm5d7ga