A study on spontaneous ignition of bituminous coal

Xin-Rui Li, Hiroshi Koseki, Yusaku Iwata
2009 Thermal Science  
The ther mal prop er ties of four bi tu mi nous coals were stud ied us ing iso ther mal and tem per a ture-pro grammed cal o rim e ters, such as a dif fer en tial ther mal anal y sis, a heat flux cal o rim e ter C80 and an ther mal ac tiv ity mon i tor (TAM-III). The cor respond ing spon ta ne ous ig ni tion was mea sured in an adi a batic spon ta ne ous ig ni tion tester. It was found that there were weak exo ther mic ac tiv i ties in bi tu mi nous coal at 50-100 °C and mean while car bon mon
more » ... x ide and car bon di ox ide was gen er ated. These ther mal be hav iors are re spon si ble for the self heating from 50 °C and spontaneous ignition at 80 °C.
doi:10.2298/tsci0901105l fatcat:ff3u6jpjwvgqzlnhvohlbz5ybe