Studies on Change in Physico-Chemical Parameters of Pineapple Fruits of Cultivars Kew and MD-2 during Storage at Ambient Temperature

Md. Manzar Hossain, Tokivi Zhimomi, P.S. Nupani, A.K. Singh
2018 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
Storage studies of matured green pineapple fruits of cultivar Kew and MD-2 were carried out at ambient condition. The physiological weight loss (PLW) was highest (9.62±0.65%) in MD-2 cultivar whereas the PLW was lowest (9.16±0.31%) in Kew cultivar on 9 th day after storage (DAS). The firmness of fruit was highest (2.86±0.56 kgcm -2 ) in MD-2 and TSS was highest in Kew (18.18±0.32 °B) on 9 th DAS and there was significant difference during storage. Titrable acidity was lowest (0.08±0.01%) in
more » ... (0.08±0.01%) in MD-2 and Vitamin C was lowest (8.66±0.66%) in Kew on 9 th DAS. The reducing (6.60±0.82%) was highest whereas the non-reducing (1.58±0.58) was lowest in Kew on 9 th DAS. The overall acceptability (OAA) score was highest (8.03±0.11) in MD-2 on 6 th DAS.
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2018.706.105 fatcat:6su7bf7vbjg3te76rneafsgsje