Condition of entomophilic fauna on Hyssopus officinalis L. crops depending on ecotope conditions

Gorbacheva Anzhelika, Dumacheva Elena, Vorobyova Oksana, Korolkova Svetlana, Filatov Sergei, Chernyavsky Vladimir, Koryakov Daniil
2021 BIO Web of Conferences  
Species diversity and number of potential pollinator species on H. officinalis seed crops in various ecotopes of farm fields were studied under the influence of "Bi-58 new" insecticide treatment and without preliminary treatment. The presence of 16 insect species belonging to four families of the genus Hymenoptera (Megachilida, Apidae, Halictidae and Vespidae), two families of the Diptera row (Syrphidae and Stratiomyidae) and one family of the genus Lepidoptera (Lycaenalidae) has been
more » ... on the seed crops of H. officinalis. The insecticidal treatment in general did not significantly affect the total number of pollinators, but changed the species composition of pollinators and their number on the field area. As much as possible, the decrease in the prevalence and number of the Megachilida species was affected.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20213004002 doaj:956ffc30b6d24a03b773a994911404e1 fatcat:cok42p6dsbh3pjzr5wodeizvka