Production of Human Interferon β by Recombinant E. coli Using the Codon Optimized Gene
코돈 최적화된 유전자를 이용한 재조합 대장균으로부터 인간 인터페론 베타 발현

Jong-Seok Kim, Seung-Won Jang, Jae-Bum Park, Deok-Ho Kwon, Young-Jun Chang, Hyung-Moo Jung, Sang-In Han, Eock-Kee Hong, Suk-Jin Ha
2017 KSBB Journal  
The multiple sclerosis caused by multiple inflammatory disease or immune system disorder, is usually treated by interferon β through adjusting the abnormal immune reactions. For high production of human interferon β using recombinant E. coli, codon optimized and wild type genes were synthesized. When pET-15b or pET-21a vector was used as an expression vector with each gene, there was no target protein expression. When pQE30 vector was used as an expression vector, human interferon β was
more » ... d by recombinant E. coli XL1-blue and E. coli JM109. Using the codon optimized gene, the expression of human interferon β was slightly increased as compared to that from wild type gene. However, most of expressed human interferon β was insoluble form.
doi:10.7841/ksbbj.2017.32.1.16 fatcat:tmmnufsmnvdxxo53kvsquflq4u