Recommendations for Сonstruction of Inclusive Environment at Activities with Participation of People with ASD
Рекомендации по созданию инклюзивной среды на мероприятиях с участием людей с РАС

A.S. Steinberg, A.L. Voskov
2018 Autizm i Narušenie Razvitiâ  
Construction of inclusive environment for people with autism, including activities with their participation, is an actual task, but its implementation is complicated by that fact that required measures are not evident. In the article sensory and communicative issues, routines and stereotyped behaviour among people with ASD are discussed. And relevant recommendations for construction of inclusive environment for people with ASD at different activities.
doi:10.17759/autdd.2018160409 fatcat:oukygksvxfh3blcm5a6xcejtjq