F. Galton
1892 Science  
rule are much the same as those enumerated in the above paragraphs. Of the three pronunciations of this termination -Me, &&?, and ide, in varying degrees of usage amongst us, the second appeared undoubtedly to be the most preferable; -tde is an nncommon, almost unnatural, pronunciation of tlie vowel in English, although it would bring our usage into unison with that of European countries, and simplify phonetic values for the ears of foreigners; -ide leads frequently to confusion with -ite. and
more » ... ion with -ite. and is the vaIue of i farthest removed from European usage; -'id approximates closely to the Continental E, into which it is easily lengthened, is readily recognized by tlie foreign ear,is not confused with the termination -ite, i.i in line with present phonetic progrees, and bas the backing of authority and usage. The short sound of i naturally dictates the dropping of the final e. "According to Smart and Cull, chemical terms ending in -ide -as bromide,
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