Analytical Model of Wellbore Stability of Fractured Coal Seam Considering the Effect of Cleat Filler and Analysis of Influencing Factors

Zhao, Wang, Mei
2020 Applied Sciences  
Currently, coal borehole collapses frequently occur during drilling. Considering that the coal near to the wellbore is cut into blocks, and the cleat filler of the coal influences the stress distribution near the wellbore, a new theoretical solution of a near-wellbore Stress Field in coal bed wells is established. In addition, according to the limit equilibrium theory and the E.MG-C criterion, the limit sliding formula of the quadrilateral and triangular block is deduced, and the slipping
more » ... the slipping direction of the blocks is further judged. Finally, the wellbore stability model of the coal seam is established. The accuracy of the theoretical model is verified through a numerical method by using the PFC software. Based upon this wellbore stability theoretical model of coal, many cleat affecting factors such as cleat spacing, cleat length, cleat angle and the cleat geometric position, are studied, and the results show that a quadrilateral block slides off more easily than a triangular block under the same boundary condition; the bigger the cleat spacing and cleat length are, the lower is the risk that blocks slide off, and increasing the cleat angle could cause blocks to slide off easily. Under the same boundary condition, whether blocks slide off or not is closely related to the well round angle.
doi:10.3390/app10031169 fatcat:q4g2cmq7bnbt7iksemneb5yxdq