An Improved Suspender Buckle

1888 Scientific American  
11 tieutiii£ �meritau. AN IMPROVED ROTARY ENGINE. as used on crossing switches and all railway joints, and A rotary engine in which the steam is introduced is easily put on either new or old bolts and angle into the piston, and the latter, which is eccentric, splices, saving the nuts, bolts, and ends of the rails rotates in a circular casing or cylinder having yielding from undue wear. The loop being placed on the bolt, abutment blocks which hear agai nst the periphery of with the straight part
more » ... h the straight part of the rod resting on the foot of the piston, has been patented byMr. James E. Snevely, the angled fish plate, and the nut carried to its place, of Chetopa, Kansas, and is illustrated herpwith the part, F, is forced into place, and a chisel or wedge is through two vertical sections.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05121888-290d fatcat:utwh3t6xhnfe3jgcby3js3er6y