Comparison of Educational Effects of Difficult Endotracheal Intubation in the 119 Rescue Service
119구급대의 어려운 기관내삽관 교육 전·후 비교

Hyeong-Wan Yun, Eun-Yeong Yu, Young-Hyun Yun
2011 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of difficult endotracheal intubation education in the 119 rescue services. The subjects in this study were 60 members of the 119 rescue services that was under the umbrella of the Fire Service Headquarters of J province. A SPSS 14.0 program was utilized to find out the effect of tough tracheal intubation education on their relevant knowledge, self-confidence, academic self-
doi:10.5392/jkca.2011.11.1.254 fatcat:llvvyqqptbdorlbqm6flv7oqne