1894 Library  
The Library. earlier issue of the volume there is a summary of contents, a list of artists, and one of sculpture and architecture ; but these all disappear in the subsequent issue of the same volume. Now the summary and lists were of undoubted importance ; but something of still greater value was omitted-viz., a bibliography of the subject, which makes its appearance in the re-issued volume at the expense of the lists referred to. The bibliography is singularly comprehensive, and is of the
more » ... t value. The publishers evidently had a keen sense of this, or they would not have inserted it by sacrificing other valuable matter which, it is to be hoped, will re-appear in a future edition. The above references and quotations prove that there have been important revisions in the " ninth " edition ; and the information which enables a book-buyer to discriminate as to the value of different sets, which appear to be identical, is a " secret" worth knowing. The examples I have furnished of variations in the text, and the addition of indexes to important subjects, very considerably increase the literary and monetary value of the volumes in which they appear, and the work, as a whole. This is particularly the case when the volumes are likely to be in frequent requisition, as in a public library. I do not agree with Messrs. Black as to the injustice of making additions and corrections in the ninth edition ; the injustice, if any, was in making them without a notification in the re-issue, and then in impugning the veracity of my statement by denying that the revisions had been made.
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