La historia "trágica" de la conquista en los libros y los impresos de los hombres de letras en las provincias independientes de la Nueva Granada, 1811-1821
The "Tragic" Story of the Conquest in Books and Printed Papers of Men of Letters in the Independent Provinces of New Granada, 1811-1821

Rafael E. Acevedo P.
2017 Araucaria  
This article studies the literary productions of the men of letters in the independent provinces of New Granada between 1811-1821. The aim is to show how these social actors (priests, printers, lawyers and literary people) began to participate critically in the old discussion during that period, at the same time as the emancipation processes and later the founding of the Republic. And controversy about the presence of Spain in America since the sixteenth century. This resulted in the appearance
more » ... d in the appearance of several versions on the past and the writing of the history referred to the conquest of the American territory in which "the three hundred years of vexations", "oppression", "tyranny" and "Innocuous conduct of the Spaniards." Writing that responded to the commitment assumed by lawyers to justify independence and later the Republic of Colombia. This made evident the ever-existing relationship of the narratives and uses of the past with the political contexts of a society.
doi:10.12795/araucaria.2017.i38.19 fatcat:5nl6pzdfhregvjcs5a3pko673m