Bioactive Foods and Nutraceutical Supplementation Criteria in Cardiovascular Protection

Rakesh Sharma, Ram B. Singh
2010 The Open Nutraceuticals Journal  
Nutraceuticals are natural and commonly found in bioactive foods or whole plants to keep energy balance in the body and promise substantial therapeutic value in cardioprotection. Major cardioprotective bioactive foods and nutraceuticals are now part of nutrition supplements at nonprescription counters and their self-prescription is increased at large scale. The literature suggests the growing use of new bioactive foods and nutraceuticals in cardioprotection and management. The biochemical
more » ... e biochemical mechanisms of nutraceutical action in cardioprotection are poorly reported. The literature indicates the success of fish oils, nutaceuticals in vegetable fat-free diets and restricted life style to enhance cardioprotection. The present paper highlights the need and benefits of newly introduced bioactive foods and revisits the cardioprotective mechanisms of bioactive foods and nutraceuticals. Broadly cardioprotective nutraceuticals are polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. Most of the nutraceuticals act as biochemical metabolites by direct intervention in intermediary lipid metabolism or regulating proteins of vascular system responsible of 'cardiovascular incapability'.
doi:10.2174/18763960010030300141 fatcat:6dbz3cse6jb3lkhqz73dac7wg4