Dr Sara Najam, Dr Masooma Rubab, Dr Ali Hassan
2019 Zenodo  
Objective: CSDL (Chronic Subdural Hematoma) is very frequent entity faced in the routine practices of neuro-surgeries. There are reports of considerable rates of recurrence rates for CSDL following the surgical intervention. Various research works have stated different radiological predictors that may have association with the recurring of chronic subdural hematoma. But, there is inconsistency in the outcomes of those research works. This research work aimed to determine the radiological
more » ... accountable for the recurrence of the CSDL. Methodology: In this study, we carried out a retrospective assessment of one hundred and thirteen patients detected with the CSDL who got surgical treatment from September 2017 to January 2019. We also analyzed the radiological factors to clarify the association between these factors and recurrence of the CSDL after surgical intervention. Results: Total 17.70% (n: 27) patients experienced the recurring of the complication. There was association of the recurrence of CSDH with the before surgery hematoma thickness equal or greater than 20.0 millimeters. Density of hematoma, midline shift and bi-laterality were present with no association with the recurring of the complication. Drainage after surgery also significantly decreased the recurrence of the CSDH. Conclusion: Hematoma thickness equal or greater than 20.0 millimeters before surgery is important predictor of the recurring of CSDH. Drainage after surgery also has the ability to reduce the recurrence of CSDH. Keywords: CSDH, recurrence, drainage, retrospective, assessment, association, complication, methodology, surgery, intervention.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3590153 fatcat:fqalbgcpf5afdf7nx7ffmagwbm