Secured door lock

Suchitha Shankar, Shraddha Sangolli
2016 International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications (IJLERA)   unpublished
This abstract briefs about a development of inexpensive system called safety door lock which is designed to assist owner in knowing whether the person who entered has the permission to enter into or not. Also the system will let to know the owner if the door is opened. Based on this the owner can decide what action to take. Proposed project is implement able for finding the unauthorized entry of unknown person. Advantages of such system include extensibility and low maintenance. The idea was to
more » ... develop a security system for home or industry. The security system will be designed in such a way that if anyone tries to open the door without permission that sensor will send the data to the owner on internet. The idea being if someone tries to enter the secured system door the sensor will read the entry and same information will be sent to the registered owner .The information will be sent over the internet to the owner. And the owner can control the door by sending the command over internet. In the past few decades, an unprecedented demand for wireless technologies has been seen. Mobiles and laptops are becoming part of everyday life of a growing number of devices that communicate wirelessly. Internet of things is becoming more popular everyday and it is being preferred due to its inherent advantages like security, effective communication.