An industry-centered capstone experience for aeronautical management technology students at Arizona State University East

A.E. Jackson
FIE '98. 28th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Moving from 'Teacher-Centered' to 'Learner-Centered' Education. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.98CH36214)  
The Department of Aeronautical Management Technology (AMT) at Arizona State University (ASU) East has implemented a capstone course requirement for both the Airway Science Management and Flight Management Degree programs. These two courses are designed to enhance the student's academic experience and to better prepare the student for a highly competitive, global work environment. Both courses, Aviation Management Capstone (AMT 491) and Airline Aircraft Systems (AMT 496), are offered during the
more » ... offered during the spring semester each year and are designed to be completed during the final year of a student's program of study. This paper will focus on the design, organization, and implementation of AMT 491 only, since AMT 496 is being offered for the first time in the Spring 1998 semester. A detailed discussion will be provided, describing the background, educational philosophy, and implementation of AMT 491 as an integral component of the overall redesign of the Aeronautical Management Technology degree program. Specific elements to be covered include the design and organization of the Aviation Management Capstone course, essential industry partnerships/sponsorships for student teams during the semester, and an overview of student tasks and responsibilities throughout the course.
doi:10.1109/fie.1998.736887 fatcat:zlyl6awykjcjniv5pnalx26d3y