Finite-size scaling of the photon-blockade breakdown dissipative quantum phase transition

A. Vukics, A. Dombi, J. M. Fink, P. Domokos
2019 Quantum  
We prove that the observable telegraph signal accompanying the bistability in the photon-blockade-breakdown regime of the driven and lossy Jaynes–Cummings model is the finite-size precursor of what in the thermodynamic limit is a genuine first-order phase transition. We construct a finite-size scaling of the system parameters to a well-defined thermodynamic limit, in which the system remains the same microscopic system, but the telegraph signal becomes macroscopic both in its timescale and
more » ... timescale and intensity. The existence of such a finite-size scaling completes and justifies the classification of the photon-blockade-breakdown effect as a first-order dissipative quantum phase transition.
doi:10.22331/q-2019-06-03-150 fatcat:xrmwqtu6bvdtdkz6iqcuk4tuce