Real-Time Automated Segmentation of Median Nerve in Dynamic Ultrasonography Using Deep Learning

Cheng-Liang Yeh, Chueh-Hung Wu, Ming-Yen Hsiao, Po-Ling Kuo
The morphological dynamics of the median nerve across the level extracted from dynamic ultrasonography are valuable for the diagnosis and evaluation of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), but the data extraction requires tremendous labor to manually segment the nerve across the image sequence. Our aim was to provide visually real-time, automated median nerve segmentation and subsequent data extraction in dynamic ultrasonography. We proposed a deep-learning model modified from SOLOv2 and tailored for
more » ... edian nerve segmentation. Ensemble strategies combining several state-of-the-art models were also employed to examine whether the segmentation accuracy could be improved. Image data were acquired from nine normal participants and 59 patients with idiopathic CTS. Our model outperformed several state-of-the-art models with respect to inference speed, whereas the segmentation accuracy was on a par with that achieved by these models. When evaluated on a single 1080Ti GPU card, our model achieved an intersection over union score of 0.855 and Dice coefficient of 0.922 at 28.9 frames/s. The ensemble models slightly improved segmentation accuracy. Our model has great potential for use in the clinical setting, as the real-time, automated extraction of the morphological dynamics of the median nerve allows clinicians to diagnose and treat CTS as the images are acquired.
doi:10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2022.12.014 pmid:36740461 fatcat:67xiklvbefhk7pzedo3evregui