Recent Literature An American Text-Book of Obstetrics . For Practitioners and Students. Richard C. Norris, M.D., Editor; Robert L. Dickinson, M.D., Art Editor. With articles by James C. Cameron, M.D.; Edw. P. Davis, M.D.; Robert L. Dickinson, M.D.; Charles Warrington Earle, M.D.; James H. Etheridge, M.D.; Henry J. Garrigues, M.D.; Barton Cooke Hirst, M.D.; Charles Jewett, M.D.; Howard A. Kelly, M.D.; Richard C. Norris, M.D.; Chancey D. Palmer, M.D.; Theophilus Parvin, M.D.; George A. Piersol, M.D.; Edward R ...

1896 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
tact and ¡interiorly, the posterior lip being much hypertrophiée!. Dr. E. Reynolds said that he had seen a number of cases with a small iindilated os behind the tubes and the posterior wall bulging and stretched so that if the attendant had scratched it the cervix would have given way and the child born through the rent. Dr. Forster remarked that it was surprising that such an accident did not happen oftener.
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