The correlation strength of the most important cryptocurrencies in the bull and bear market

Sebastian Lahajnar, Alenka Rožanec
2020 Investment Management & Financial Innovations  
The article explores the correlation strength of the ten most important cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the examination of differences during the periods of rising and falling prices. The daily and weekly returns of selected cryptocurrencies are taken as the basis for calculating and determining the correlation strength using the Pearson correlation coefficient. The survey covers the period from the beginning of 2017 to Bitcoin's last local bottom in mid-March 2020. Research findings are as
more » ... s: 1) the most important cryptocurrencies are mostly moderately positively correlated with each other over time; 2) correlation strength decreases slightly during the bull period, but mostly remain in the range of moderate correlation; 3) correlation strength increases significantly during the bear period, with most cryptocurrencies strongly correlated with each other. The results do not change significantly if the daily or weekly cryptocurrency returns are used as the basis. A strong correlation in the period of falling prices prevents the effective diversification of the cryptocurrency portfolio, which must be considered when investing funds in the cryptocurrency market.
doi:10.21511/imfi.17(3).2020.06 fatcat:vjikl26b4vbifbbfflfxjxxxmm