Case study on the redevelopment of industrial wasteland in resource-exhausted mining area

Jiang Chang, Hua Zhang, Min Ji, Xiao-lu Chen
2009 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science  
In the resource-exhausted mining regions, because of the finish of mine production and the phenomenon of idle land resources, the number of industrial wastelands has been increasingly growing. In this paper the causes, characteristics and the developing laws with time and spaces of the industrial wastelands were analyzed in the case of Jiawang mining region firstly. Secondly, the problems and the impact factors of the further development of industrial wasteland were discussed; meanwhile the
more » ... ept of "innovative integration" of the resource was introduced in order to emphasize the importance of redevelopment of industrial wasteland, which can be regarded as the new resource of the mining region. Finally the strategies and approaches of the redevelopment and reutilization of the mining industrial wastelands were discussed in the view of land development, industrial restructuring, and integration of spatial distribution, ecological environment restoration, protection of industrial heritage in the mining area. Due to the non-renewable character and cumulative effects of mineral resource, many mining cities is facing the crisis of resource exhaustion, and their development also faces many difficulties such as backwardness of the city infrastructure and urban construction, sole industrial system and lagging development of the tertiary industry. The closure of mines will bring high unemployment rate and social instability. Abandoned mines, land subsidence, water pollution, hills of gangue and flyash cause the destruction and waste of resources, ecological degradation, and damage to the environmental landscape. Therefore, in the period of recession of the mining cities, the economic, social and ecological environment must be updated and integrated. The purpose of urban renewal is to transit smoothly from industrial society to post-industrial society, and create a certain competitive and livable city. This paper taking the Jiawang mining region of Xuzhou for an example, discusses how to exploit the potential value of industrial waste lands from the perspective of restructuring the resource-exhausted mining region, and proposes the strategies and models of the abandoned land redevelopment.
doi:10.1016/j.proeps.2009.09.175 fatcat:gdslrzn46rghnkmmkohfzlaeqm