Why Tuberculosis Has Not Been Eradicated? Need for Vision and Bold Innovative Research

Sankaran Sivarama Nair
2017 Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics  
Tuberculosis has not been eradicated despite advancements in science. Main reason is that research and its utilization have gone into a deep rut because of lack of vision and innovation. Knowledge about epidemiology of tuberculosis is patchy. Some paradoxes and unanswered questions have been highlighted. Finding explanations for these is essential to eradicate tuberculosis. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis need overhauling. A systematic review is needed to identify facts,
more » ... s and gaps in knowledge about all these. Thereafter, new types of research which can answer relevant questions are essential to find explanations for many paradoxes and unanswered questions and to remove lacunae in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis because many decades of present type of research have failed. Only thinking out of the box and carrying out bold innovative research can find needed explanations. Emphasis ought to be on going ahead urgently with bold innovative research to find effective measures required for eradication of tuberculosis. Studies to ascertain factors contributing to spontaneous cure also deserve high priority. Suggestions to make a beginning in innovative research have been given. Some instances of ignoring research findings have been highlighted. Importance of utilization of research findings has been stressed. Any hesitation in funding bold innovative research is a pennywise and pound foolish approach without vision because economic cost of tuberculosis is many times higher than even spending huge amounts, if needed, on such research. Moreover, elimination of suffering from tuberculosis is invaluable.
doi:10.4172/2155-9627.1000295 fatcat:sdhhkbakfnc3noqwgzfbrlgy3u