Some Remarks on Fuzzy sb-Metric Spaces

Tarkan Öner, Alexander Šostak
2020 Mathematics  
Fuzzy strong b-metrics called here by fuzzy sb-metrics, were introduced recently as a fuzzy version of strong b-metrics. It was shown that open balls in fuzzy sb-metric spaces are open in the induced topology (as different from the case of fuzzy b-metric spaces) and thanks to this fact fuzzy sb-metrics have many useful properties common with fuzzy metric spaces which generally may fail to be in the case of fuzzy b-metric spaces. In the present paper, we go further in the research of fuzzy
more » ... arch of fuzzy sb-metric spaces. It is shown that the class of fuzzy sb-metric spaces lies strictly between the classes of fuzzy metric and fuzzy b-metric spaces. We prove that the topology induced by a fuzzy sb-metric is metrizable. A characterization of completeness in terms of diameter zero sets in these structures is given. We investigate products and coproducts in the naturally defined category of fuzzy sb-metric spaces.
doi:10.3390/math8122123 fatcat:xljwvhl7x5hedg5pueefgxyaai