A Formal and Tool-Equipped Approach for the Integration of State Diagrams and Formal Datatypes

Christian Attiogbe, Pascal Poizat, Gwen Salaun
2007 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
Separation of concerns or aspects is a way to deal with the increasing complexity of systems. The separate design of models for different aspects also promotes a better reusability level. However, an important issue is then to define means to integrate them into a global model. We present a formal and tool-equipped approach for the integration of dynamic models (behaviours expressed using state diagrams) and static models (formal data types) with the benefit to share advantages of both:
more » ... es of both: graphical user-friendly models for behaviours, formal and abstract models for data types. Integration is achieved in a generic way so that it can deal with both different static specification languages (algebraic specifications, Z, B) and different dynamic specification semantics.
doi:10.1109/tse.2007.21 fatcat:xpnzyxnulbfnjjvvi27cusxi34