The surface and the back of late Joseon medicine - Centered on medical knowledge system -

Junho OH
2021 Uisahak  
Many medical books of the late Joseon Dynasty were based on the medical knowledge of Donguibogam. For this reason, most of the studies have explained the medicine of the late Joseon Dynasty focusing on Donguibogam. However, the appearance of medicine in the late Joseon Dynasty is more complex than that. Although the "treatment knowledge" of Donguibogam had a huge impact in the late Joseon Dynasty, the "medical thought" of Donguibogam was not easily established. This is confirmed through the
more » ... med through the knowledge system of medical books in the late Joseon Dynasty. Jejungsinpyeon, published by the government in the late Joseon Dynasty, disassembled the contents of Dongibogam and rearranged it into a knowledge system of Uihagibmun. Injeji, which was made in the private sector, followed the same method. They tried to maintain part of the knowledge system of Donguibogam. Nevertheless, the framework of perception that extends from "human" to "disease," the central idea of Donguibogam, was not maintained. This shows that there was a considerable amount of respect for the medicine of Ming Dynasty in the late Joseon Dynasty. Therefore, for a more in-depth understanding of medicine in the late Joseon Dynasty, it is necessary to examine in more detail the influences of other medical books such as Uihagibmun, Bonchogangmok, and Gyeongakjeonseo in addition to Donguibogam. This should be understood as a process in which various medical knowledge and systems compete.
doi:10.13081/kjmh.2021.30.69 pmid:34010849 fatcat:kf6433qkvjglhn47bchwamjwke