Early severe restriction of intrauterine growth: a therapeutic alternative
Restricción del crecimiento intrauterino grave de inicio temprano: una alternativa terapéutica

Mario Roberto Rodríguez Bosch, María de Lourdes Téllez Serna, Esperanza Bautista Gómez
2006 Ginecología y Obstetricia de México  
It is presented the case of the second pregnancy of a 36 year-old patient with antecedent of preeclampsia that was solved, at full-term, with a Caesarean operation by means of which was obtained a healthy new born. The patient began her prenatal control at 29th week. Ultrasound made at her admittance showed a fetus with an approximated weight of 451 grams. The patient was hospitalized until completing protocol of study for restriction of severe fetal growth. At 34.5 weeks, an ultrasonographical
more » ... ultrasonographical control showed an alteration in venous duct; for that reason it was decided to interrupt pregnancy abdominally. There were no surgical complications and was obtained a phenotypically normal new born, male, weight of 820 grams and size of 33 cm, who was referred to the Instituto Nacional de Perinatologia. At 43.3 weeks he was discharged from hospital with a weight of 1,840 grams. At the present he's fed with fortified milk.
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