The Thermochemical and Structural Analysis of Tautomers of Sulfur and Selenium Modified RNA Nucleobases [article]

Megan Joy
Conclusions • Nucleobases are found in all living species and are the building blocks of RNA and DNA. 1 • The emissive properties of modified nucleobases have been discovered to be useful for probing in comparison to their nonemissive canonical structures. 2,3 • The purpose of this research is to analyze the previously studied nucleobases containing sulfur (tz-molecules) and nucleobases containing selenium (ts-molecules). 2 In doing so, the tautomers with the most stable and beneficial
more » ... beneficial properties can be used in future applications.
doi:10.7939/r3-sp4s-9392 fatcat:i2unkwbef5e7dbj2jn2ls3snme