Оlena Shydakova-Kameniuka, Oleksii Shkliaiev, Olga Samokhvalova, Maya Artamonova, Galyna Stepankova, Olena Bolkhovitina, Alla Rogova
2020 EUREKA Life Sciences  
One of ways of developing the confectionary industry is a search for raw material resources with a high content of nutrients, useful for the human organism. A promising type of such raw materials is non-traditional oil seeds, especially chia seeds. The aim of the study was to estimate the oxidative stability of the lipid complex of creamy-shaken candies with chia seeds at storage. It is noted, that lipase of chia seeds doesn't manifest activity in an acid medium. That is why chia seeds
more » ... chia seeds introduction to creamy-shaken candies (with рН<6,0) doesn't accelerate hydrolytic disintegration of their lipid component at storage. A type of jelly-former, used at candy production (agar-agar, pectin, modified starch), doesn't influence the accumulation dynamics of free fatty acids in candies. It is noted, that the lipid component of creamy-shaken candies, produced with agar-agar and pectin, is characterized with the equal dynamics of a peroxide value. The accumulation of peroxide compounds in starch products takes place slower. It has been established, that despite the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the lipid component of candies with chia seeds comparing with control is characterized by less inclination to oxidation. It is noted, that at the 30 th day of storage relative changes of peroxide value indices of products with supplements are 1.00 and 0.81 against 1.85 and 1.49 in control samples on agar-agar (pectin) and starch respectively. The braking effect of chia seeds on oxidizing processes is conditioned by the high content of tocopherols and phenol compounds (quercetin, coffee, chlorogenic acids, rutin, polyphenol compounds) with antioxidant properties in them. It has been established, that during the studied storage term products didn't gain a rancid smack, testifying to the accumulation of secondary oxidation processes. The structure and color of the studied samples of candies didn't also change. That is during the normative storage term (60 days) creamy-shaken candies with chia seeds correspond to normative requirements by organoleptic parameters and quality ones of the lipid complex.
doi:10.21303/2504-5695.2020.001192 fatcat:43zler4qefhpnj23eyebxibmt4