A Study on Indoor Temperature and Comfort Temperature [dataset]

Invention Journals, M.Ponni1 Dr.R.Baskar
2015 Figshare  
A residential building is a dynamic system in which the internal heat gains occur mainly through roof and walls. The heat transmission to the inside of a building is primarily based on the outdoor temperature. The indoor environment of a building consists of two primary variables. One is indoor temperature (IT) and the other is indoor relative humidity (IRH). The indoor temperature is a combination of radiations received through the roof and walls of the building. If the indoor temperature is
more » ... or temperature is too high (summer), or too low (winter) then the building is said to be thermally uncomfortable.In the above two,cases thermal performance of the building is said to be poor. Increasing or decreasing the indoor temperature to a satisfactory level of the occupants leads to comfort temperature. The comfort temperature is the critical state of the indoor temperature. In this study, a new design of roof, based on passive cooling has been constructed, in which hybrid techniques were incorporated to bring down the indoor temperature.The daily mean indoor temperatures obtained were very close to the comfort temperature in summer and is within the comfort band in the other seasons of the year.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1393173.v1 fatcat:sw2w4hvbwnbqhdnq2cny3gzdny