Ashwini H Bhaisare, Rajesh Nasare, Priyanka Gonnade
2017 Journal of research in engineering and applied sciences  
In Internet Voting System (IVS) privacy and security is an important factors. Authentication and security in IVS is a very challenging task. To face these challenges we proposed two level authentication technique using Visual cryptography and OTP generation. In our system new approach of two level authentications is proposed by using Visual Cryptography (VC) and One Time Password(OTP).The election is held in confidentiality by applying required security measures to allow the voter to vote for
more » ... voter to vote for any participating candidate. In our system voter can use his/her voting right online without any difficulty. He/she has to be registered first for him/her to vote. At the time of registration user has to upload voter id on server and also click on photo through web camera and upload on server. When admin confirms user, visual cryptography is applied on voter photo and two shares are generated. One share is sent on Email Account Address of voter and another share is uploaded on admin server. voter can cast his/her vote only if voter logs into the system by entering the correct user id as voter id as per Voter id card and password which gets generated by merging the two shares (Black & White dotted Voter Image which is capture at the time of registration) using VC scheme. Where, system Administrator (Election Controller) sends share 1 to voter e-mail address before election and share 2 will be made available in the voting system for its login during election. Voter gets secret password to vote by combining share 1 and share 2 using VC. After the successful login in next page system will ask for face image capture from web camera connected and will verify with the image which is stored in election commission database, once it is verified it will move to voter details page where voter need to verify their details and certify to move to voting page for casting vote.
doi:10.46565/jreas.2017.v02i02.005 fatcat:xp3vtaubkrfj3ebcvt3bblxqna