Spectral Characteristics of Planar Channeling Radiation by 20-800 MeV Electrons in a Thin Silicon Carbide

B. Azadegan, S.B. Dabagov
Spectral distributions of channeling radiation by 20800 MeV electrons in different planes of a thin 4H polytype silicon carbide crystal is presented. We demonstrated that channeling in 4H SiC with hexagonal structure has some new features not available in other structures. Using Doyle-Turner approximation to the atomic scattering factor and taking in to account thermal vibrations of atoms, the continuum potentials for different planes of 4H polytype SiC single crystal were calculated. In the
more » ... lculated. In the frame of quantum mechanic, the theory of channeling radiation has been applied to calculate the transverse electron states in the continuum potential of the planes and to study transition energies, linewidths, depth dependence for population of quantum states and spectral radiation distributions. At electron energies higher than 100 MeV the spectral distributions of radiation are calculated by classical calculations and successfully compared with quantum mechanics solutions. Specific properties of planar channeling radiation in 4H polytype SiC are discussed.
doi:10.15161/oar.it/1447924986.12 fatcat:z6tyiaxoxve6hglx2h3vwwyygu