Observation of Coherent Transients in Ultrashort Chirped Excitation of an Undamped Two-Level System

Sébastien Zamith, Jérôme Degert, Sabine Stock, Béatrice de Beauvoir, Valérie Blanchet, M. Aziz Bouchene, Bertrand Girard
2001 Physical Review Letters  
The effects of Coherent excitation of a two level system with a linearly chirped pulse are studied theoretically and experimentally (in Rb (5s - 5p)) in the low field regime. The Coherent Transients are measured directly on the excited state population on an ultrashort time scale. A sharp step corresponds to the passage through resonance. It is followed by oscillations resulting from interferences between off-resonant and resonant contributions. We finally show the equivalence between this experiment and Fresnel diffraction by a sharp edge.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.87.033001 pmid:11461552 fatcat:22wihd7z45hvtnfrn2paggzcwa