Effects of Aqueous Extract of Aegle marmelos Root on Chronic Inflammation in Rats

2017 ARC Journal of Dental Science  
Pain and inflammation is a common complaint in most patients suffering from diseases. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) make up one of the largest groups of drugs used for pain and inflammation but causes side effects during their clinical uses. Therefore, the development of newer more potent anti-inflammatory drugs with lesser side effects is necessary. Aegle marmelos plant has an important place in indigenous systems of medicine. In the study, effect of aqueous extract of Aegle
more » ... extract of Aegle marmelos root on chronic inflammation has been reported. Methods: 24 Norwegian rats of either sex were selected and divided into 4 groups each comprise 6 rats. Chronic inflammation (granuloma) was induced by implanting one autoclaved cotton pellet (50 mg) subcutaneously to one groin of each rat on 1st day. Group II, Group III were given aqueous extract of A. marmelos root at different doses and Group IV were given indomethacin orally for 14 days. Later on the 15 th day animals were anesthetized, the cotton pellets were removed. The dry weight of the granuloma was difference between the final and initial weights of the cotton pellets. The percentage change of granuloma weight relative to control group was taken as an index of chronic anti-inflammatory activity. Results: The percent inhibition of granuloma formation was 8%, 13.72%, and 36.19% as compared to the control in group II, III, IV respectively. Conclusion: In chronic inflammation, Aegle marmelos root possess mild anti-inflammatory effect compared to that of indomethacin.
doi:10.20431/2456-0030.0201003 fatcat:cchhr6drsvci5bki3vukzncpj4