Aerostatic Way of Harvesting High Altitude Wind Energy

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Renewable energy system in electrical power generation is one of important field of electrical engineering due to its source is natural, reusable and environmental pollution free and cost free. There are renewable energies such as wind, solar and so on. The wind is a free, clean, and inexhaustible energy source. It has served mankind well for many centuries by propelling ships and driving wind turbines to pump water. It has become one of the most attractive energy system in several decades due
more » ... everal decades due to rich availability. The important proposed contribution in this work is to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy using AEROSTATIC WAY OF HARVESTING WIND ENERGY that allows turbines to capture as much as possible wind by increase in the altitude at which is the turbine is placed. Which is done by attaching the turbine to aerostat and the aim of the study is to extract maximum energy of the turbine and transmit it to grid, storage device with suitable converters and controllers.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d5398.118419 fatcat:qpqwhgnccngxpkm2q2eu734cvm