Recommender Systems in the Real Estate Market—A Survey

Alireza Gharahighehi, Konstantinos Pliakos, Celine Vens
2021 Applied Sciences  
The shift to e-commerce has changed many business areas. Real estate is one of the applications that has been affected by this modern technological wave. Recommender systems are intelligent models that assist users of real estate platforms in finding the best possible properties that fulfill their needs. However, the recommendation task is substantially more challenging in the real estate domain due to the many domain-specific limitations that impair typical recommender systems. For instance,
more » ... al estate recommender systems usually face the clod-start problem where there are no historical logs for new users or new items, and the recommender system should provide recommendations for these new entities. Therefore, the recommender systems in the real estate market are different and substantially less studied than in other domains. In this article, we aim at providing a comprehensive and systematic literature review on applications of recommender systems in the real estate market. We evaluate a set of research articles (13 journal and 13 conference papers) which represent the majority of research and commercial solutions proposed in the field of real estate recommender systems. These papers have been reviewed and categorized based on their methodological approaches, the main challenges that they addressed, and their evaluation procedures. Based on these categorizations, we outlined some possible directions for future research.
doi:10.3390/app11167502 fatcat:4aaa6zzwpngwbejp7yzdqwt4sa